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Lamborghini Countach Images

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At the 1973 Geneva Auto Show, Lamborghini shocked the world again with its revolutionary LP400 Countach.  Only a prototype was shown. Today it is difficult to realize the impact that car had on everybody at that time.  Even now the car is a show stopper! The car at the show was painted in a bright red and with a black suede interior. It showed for the first time the by now, Lamborghini signature swing up doors. It also displayed unique vertically mounted rear air intakes to go with its powerful 3.93 Liter engine.

It took the Lamborghini development team over two years to convert the prototype into a salable car and get it right. Cooling problems were a real challenge especially at high speed.  This was a difficult time for Lamborghini. Its tractor division a severe financial loss that essentially bankrupted the company. In fact at the very time the first LP400 Countach was shown on the 1974 Geneva Auto Show, Ferruccio Lamborghini sold his company to a Swiss group of investors. The future of Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini was not clear. There were a number of uncertain years. In fact it was the Countach, this single spectacular model that kept the company alive. The first production Countach left the factory early in 1974. Approximately 150 LP400's were manufactured.

In 1978 the Countach LP400S came out. The car was an improvement on some of the issues that appeared in the LP400.  The car came with improved tires (Pirelli P7's) and with the now famous telephone-dial wheels. The car was made a little taller to take care of the numerous complaints people had about lack of headroom. The engine was enlarged to 4.754L which put our 375 HP. Other less noticeable changes like an improved suspension were also added. Approximately 230 LP400S's were manufactured.

in 1982 the Countach 500S came out. It had a 4.75L engine and was fitted with a new electronic ignition system.  Total horsepower however did not really improve that much remaining at about 375HP. Approximately 320 LP500S's were manufactured.

In 1985 the Countach LP500 QV was delivered.  This was really the original plan for the car. Finally the engineers caught up with what the designers had planed for the car all along.  QV stands for "Quatro Valve" or 4 valves per cylinder. The engine was further enlarged (5.17L), and  deliver between 450 - 460 HP depending on tuning. Approximately 600 LP500 QV's were manufactured.

In 1988 the final version of the now "long in the tooth" Countach was put on the market. It was called the Countach 25th Anniversary model or the "Anniversary model".  The bodywork was modified to include enlarged engine air intakes and the side skirts were further exaggerated. Engine power (still 4.17L),  remained around 455 HP. Approximately 657 Anniversary models were manufactured


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