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Lamborghini Diablo Images

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The Diablo was presented to the public on January 21st 1990, at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo.   The design was the result of 5 years of work between Lamborghini and Chrysler Corporation who owned Lamborghini at that time.  The influence of a big company like Chrysler on the design was significant. The made available to Lamborghini win tunnel testing, computer design and simulation etc. The frame of the car went from cylindrical tubing to square frame tubes. The engine (5.7L), was a dramatic improvement over that of the older Countach design. Compression was raised to 10:1. Cylinders were coated with ware resistant Nikasil and a revolutionary new computer controlled fuel and ignition system was introduced.  Even early models could deliver over 480HP.  The total number of Lamborghini Diablo's built over the years is probably 1000-1200 cars.

In 1993, after 3 years of the Diablo production, Lamborghini upgraded the Diablo to the Diablo VT.  The VT stood for 'Viscous Traction'.   VT is a mechanical linkage system constructed such that part of the engine power could be moved to the front wheels, should the rear wheels lost their grip -- a kind of four wheel drive system.  Also an electronically adjustable Koni shock absorber system, with four settings chosen either manually or by the computer was added.  Over 400 Diablo VT's were built. The engine (5.7L), delivered 492HP. Over 400 VT's were built.

In 1994 the Diablo SE30 was introduced to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Lamborghini. The engine was beefed up to about 520HP. It was a lighter car than its predecessors due to more carbon fiber being used.  As the year went by further modifications of the SE30 were added. There was a "JOTA" edition that delivered up to 600HP due to camshaft and air intake modifications. These cars are really racing cars. Approximately 150 SE30's were built.

In 1995 the Diablo Roadster was introduced. A truly beautiful roadster. The design by Gandini was ingenious. The roof could be easily removed and reattached over the engine cover.  About 200 roadsters were built.

In late 1995 Lamborghini also introduced the Diablo SV.  This is really a lighter version of the standard VT. The whole front wheel drive system was removed and the engine was beefed up to 500HP. The car was significantly lighter and a little faster due to an altered gear-ratio. Less than 200 SV's were built.

The Diablo evolved over an almost 10 year period into its final form the 6.0L Diablo. The Diablo 6.0L was first shown in January 2000 at the Detroit Auto Show. It represents the final evolution stage of the Diablo line of cars. The entire car (with the exception of the roof and doors) was made of carbon fiber. The 6L V12 engine put out 550 bhp at 7100 RPM. The input valve variable timing first seen in the 1998 Diablo VT was improved to now include exhaust valve variable timing as well. The engine was also equipped with titanium connecting rods and a lighter crankshaft to improve performance.

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