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Lamborghini Miura Images

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For the styling of the Miura, Gandini was inspired by the US Ford GT-40. As in the case of the GT-40 the complete front and rear body parts were hinged to tilt upwards. The car was also very low, the roof was only 1055 mm above the road, with as little as 130 mm ground clearance.  While the styling looked very sexy, the car suffered from a severe front lift when reaching its top speed of ~280 km/h. Heating was also a problem.  With that large V-12 engine just behind your back it could get very hot in a Miura, and it was always very noisy. Nevertheless the car was a real success from the very start. About 470 units were built before it was replaced by an even wilder Miura S. The Miura S was introduced in 1969.  In the 'S' (for Spint), the rear suspension of the P400 was modified and the tires were upgraded to Pirelli Cinturato series 70's. However the most important change over the P400 model was that heavier-gauge steel used for the chassis. This cut down on some of the flexing seen on the earlier cars. 

During the S model production, ventilated disc brakes were introduced, later power windows also became standard. A passenger grab handle was installed near the gear stick shift.  The engine was slightly altered, the combustion chambers were reshaped, higher-lift cams and larger carburetors on fatter manifolds boosted power to a about 370 bhp. 

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