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How to Remove and Replace the Tail Lights on a Gallardo

By Rick Schue.

The tail light is held in place by four screws. Two of which can be accessed by removing the honeycomb grill under the tail light. Use a TORX T25 driver to remove the two screws shown in figure 1.

Now for the fun part... The other two screws are up under the rear wheel fender vents, as shown in figure 2. To access these, you will need to jack up the rear of the car and remove the wheel and rear fender liner. Once this is done, you will see the two bolts immediately in front of the tail light heat shield. See Figure 3 below. This picture was taken by looking directly up into the car.

Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the bolts. The tail light assembly can them be removed from the car.

To replace the tail light, reverse the procedure. You will need to align the tail light in all three axis (fore/aft, left/right, up/down) before tightening down any of the screws. This may take some time. Use the other tail light as an example. The screw holes have plenty of play to allow for this alignment. I found it handy to use a wood shim to keep the tail light in the proper position when tightening the fasteners. See figure 4 below.


Figure 1. Front screws      Figure 2. Rear screws.

Figure 3. Rear screws seen from under the car.
    Figure 4. Shim to position lamp cover

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