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Checking Wheel Drive Shaft Nuts In A Gallardo
Fig 1. Gallardo Wheel Drive Shaft  
Recently over on the lambopower forum there have been reports of a serious problem with loose bolts connecting the wheel drive shafts. So far these problems seem to be restricted to '05 and '06 Gallardo's.  However this could represent a very dangerous situation for many of us.

Apparently some owners have found that the bolts in their cars shake loose and fly out ripping oil hoses and the likes near the engine.  While Lamborghini has not put out an official alert on this yet, it would make good sense if you have one of these cars to check the bolts yourself of have somebody do it for you.

 "AJGlobal" from Phoenix, AZ and "doltmo" from Indianapolis (regular users of the lambopower forum) were kind enough to provide us all pictures.  These are shown here in figures 1-4.  The shop manual does not specify how tight these bolts should be but ~26 FtLBS for the front shafts and ~55 FtLBS for the back shafts are suggested. The bolts have an 8mm hex head. You can cut a chunk off of an 8mm Allen wrench and stick it in an 8mm socket if you don't have the proper tool.  More information will be provided here as to torque settings etc if it becomes available. Minimally check the bolts in your car are not loose.

Figure 2. 8mm Allen wrench   Fig 3. Bolts being tightened   Figure 4. Damage that occurred with one car

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