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Lamborghini Gallardo Images

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This is the newest member of the Lamborghini family. It was first shown at the Geneva International car show in March 6-10, 2003.  It is a smaller version of the Murciélago, keeping the signature front view of that car. . The engine is a 10 cylinder DOHC four valve V10 (90 degree), 5 liter, 500 Hp, 510 Nm engine.  It is mounted under an optional transparent cover. The 90 degree angle of the V10 allows for a lower overall car height. The car is capable of reaching a top speed of about 185 MPH. 

The 'Gallardo' name (as for the Miura, Diablo and Murciélago) was taken from the world of bull fighting. Gallardo is the name or a breed of Spanish fighting bull first used in bullfighting in Spain in the 1800's. Historically, these bulls have enjoyed a well-deserved fame of being the most beautiful specimen within the race.  As to the car, it has by far been Lamborghinis most successful car to date.

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