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TITLE: Lamborghini Parts for Diablo, Countach, Murcielago, Gallardo etc.
Description: Specializing in Lamborghini Parts, Lambo Parts, Diablo Parts, Countach Parts Murcielago ,Gallardo Parts, Original Lamborghini Parts, Lamborghini Kit Car, Lamborghini Replica, Lamborghini Aftermarket and Diablo Lamborghini
There are now many interesting Lamborghini web sites on the web. A number are maintained by individuals to share information with fellow Lamborghini owners or people simply interested in the cars.  Other web sites are maintained by Lamborghini car clubs. Still others are maintained and updated by dealers or the factory itself.  I have put together a list of web sites I have come across and found useful. If you have seen other sites worthy of mention or would like to have your site mentioned please let me know.
lambo Stuff or

This is a great general site for Lamborghini car parts.  Formally the were calle They have many more parts not listed and can get anything you need quickly from Lamborghini in Italy. Prices are reasonable as well!  They appear to cover all cars.   In the US in my opinion the best place to shop!

The site has recently been completely updated and they do local service work as well.  This is a must see site!

Contact Jason there by e-mail if you have any questions.  He is most helpful.

This is the definitive web site for all of us Lamborghini users. It is the model to which all other sites should be measured.  It contains a wealth of information.  If you go to no other web site visit this one.  

There are  literally hundreds of images of Lamborghini cars. There is an extensive history about each model along with discussions about updates and changes within the model itself over time. The yellow/black text/background does take some getting used to. I see it in other Lambo sites as well. Not sure why. It in not that common on other car web sites.  Nevertheless with time it grows on you..

Another favorite of Lamborghini users.  This web site is maintained by Jim and Joan Heady for the Lamborghini Club of America.  It is quite current and in particular maintains a updated list of club events, meetings and tours for its members.

This is the official Lamborghini Company Web site. While it has some nice video of the Murciélago and other cars, it is in my opinion a difficult site to view and contains little information about the cars.  Nevertheless it is worth taking a look at.

This is a great Forum for Lamborghini cars.  It is very active and has a number of good subscribers that are quite knowledgeable. The site has recently been updated and has over 700 members. It sprang from a Houston based Ferrari forum.

This is perhaps the best maintained  forum for Lamborghini cars.  It is very well arranged and has rapidly become the major Lamborghini forum for serious discussions about the cars.

The Swiss have a very active Lamborghini club. This is their official web site. Again in black. It has many images of cars and also contains useful information about events and news from the factory.

This web site is an international registry for facts about Lamborghini cars. It was one of the original Lamborghini Web sites. There is a wealth of information here. However it is difficult to find. The menu on the left hand side is unclear. Go to the "site map"  line and click on it. An alphabetical index will come up. Under the "D" section click on Diablo VT 6.0 Registry. A list (often with photographs) of 6.0 cars with their serial numbers will come up. This list will also contain, year manufactured, color (internal and external), the country it resides in and other notes about the car  -- for example the owners name.

The site is now getting a little dated with less information on the newer cars.

This is a general site for Italian car parts. Various odds and ends are available for Lamborghinis. However most seem to be for older cars such as Countach's.

A recent but now very popular web site.  Cats  Exotics is a well known dealer to obtain a used Lamborghini car in the US via the web. Best of all they publish prices right up front!

German Web Site

This company has been with Lamborghini since 1993. The website is well known in Europe. They also house Germany’s Lamborghini museum with over 20 cars displayed and many other interesting Lamborghini things.

They are one of Europes largest dealers and also own one of the best Lamborghini tuning companies – BF Performance – the home of special Lamborghinis. in Switzerland. BF Performance has one awards every year since it was founded. In 2007 Du Pont Registry named the BF Performance GT 660, the „ultimate Lamborghini”.

This is a fairly active dealer web site. Many high performance cars are sold here. Some idea of current car prices can be obtained by looking at the sales section.

This is Al Burtoni's Milano Imports web site.  Al is known to almost everybody in the US connected with Lamborghini cars. He has been is Lamborghini Sales and Service since 1968.  His shop in Gilroy Ca, is a must see if you are within 100 miles of the area. He and his group are really the last word when it comes to questions about service for Lamborghinis.  

The web site lists cars for sale, add-on parts, etc. He is famous for his mufflers and carbon fiber clutches.  There is also a newsletter there.

This Nederland's Lamborghini Club is quite good.  In particular the section on the different Lamborghini models is well done.  Some nice downloadable wallpapers are here as well.

This site says they are the official importer of Lamborghini in the UK. The site is nice visually but is focused on selling Diablo and Murciélago cars (new and "pre-owned").

Click on the "enter" URL, this takes you to the main home page. It took me a while to realize the 1-5 numbers on the left hand side of this page were buttons (with sound effects!).  There are some really nice pictures in the Gallery section under button 4.  Also the "History of the Lamborghini Manqué" in this same section is quite informative.

A UK club site "Open to both Lamborghini drivers and non-owner enthusiasts". The club organizes a variety of events where members meet to exchange experiences, display their cars and talk to like-minded enthusiasts.

Some nice images of older cars, particularly Countach's

This group in Texas seem to have a well organized club here is a URL to their web site. If you live in Texas you are in luck.

This is the web site of Lamborghini Of Orange County in CA. This dealership is regarded by many as perhaps the best run dealership in the US. The people there are friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.  It is the type of operation many other dealerships can only aspire to be like.

This web site has an outstanding newsletter. Lots of other information and cars as well. There is also a forum group.


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