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Lamboweb Home Page
History of Lamborghini
Main Repairs Index Page
Diablo Car Repairs
    Replacing the door struts in a Diablo
    Refurbishing the engine and clutch of a 1993 Diablo
Replacing a Broken Clutch Connecting Rod in a Diablo
    Repairing Koni Front Lifting System in a Diablo
    Replacing a Dash Light a 94-97 Diablo
    Changing the Radiator Stopcock in a Diablo
    Removing a Diablo Muffler
    Adding High Intensity Xenon Display  Lights to a Diablo
    Changing the Engine Oil in a Diablo
    Changing Brake Fluid in a Diablo
    Repair of Rear Central Brake Light
    Lamborghini Engine Fault Code Removal
    Throttle Position Sensor in a Diablo
    Lamborghini Engines -- Two Engines In One
    Repairing The Carter Motor in a Diablo
    Engine Misfire Sensors
    Changing Diablo Air Filters
    Widening The Seat Of A Diablo
    Hand Brake Switch Repair
    Testing Spark Plug Coils
    Cleaning Tire Air Pressure Sensors
    Repairing Engine Fuel Injectors
    Replacing Door Handles
    Engine Air Temperature Sensor
    Removing the Engine From a Diablo
    Changing Door Radio Security Key Battery
    Security Key Documentation.pdf
    Brake Front Air Cooling Ducts
    Brake Light Switch
    Door Contact Switch Cleaning
    Window Worm Screw
    Modification of Brake and Clutch Pedals
    Diablo OBDII Codes and Scanners
    Replacement of Diablo Battery
    Engine Warning Light Codes
    Shock Absorber Error Codes
    Installation A Radar Detector In A Diablo
          Installation Front Radar Detector
          Installation Rear Radar Detector
    Horn Switches
    Installing an Alpine GPS System in a 1999 Diablo
    Repairing Koni Front Lifting System in a Diablo
Gallardo Car Repairs
    Changing the Brake pads of a Gallardo
    Installing a '06 OEM Gallardo Muffler in a '03 - '05 Gallardo
    Checking Wheel Drive Shaft Nuts In A Gallardo
Checking Head Gasket For Water Leaks In A Gallardo
    Repairing The Engine Hood Latch In A Gallardo
    Installing a Quicksilver Muffler in a Gallardo
    Filling up with Gas in a Gallardo
    Replacing a Shattered Gallardo Engine Glass Cover
    Replacing a Broken Side Mirror in a Gallardo
    Installing a Battery Disconnect Switch in a Gallardo
    Diagnostic OBDII Codes for a Gallardo
    Installing a GPS Navigation System in a Gallardo
    Installing a Radar Detection System in a Gallardo
    Gallardo Oil & Filter Change
    Oil Leak in a Gallardo
    Changing an Audi NAV System Face Plate For A Gallardo
    Removing Rattle Noises in the Front of a Gallardo
    Replacing the Footrest in a Gallardo
    Wheel Alignment in a Gallardo
    How to Remove the Tail Light Covers of A Gallardo
    Adjusting a Gallardo Hand Brake Cable
    Installing a Parking Proximity Detector in a Gallardo
    A "Sucking Sound" Noise Problem In A Gallardo
Lamborghini Cars General Repairs
    Installing a Home Two Post Car Lift
    Understanding The VIN Number of your Lamborghini Car
    Connecting a Scanner Antenna to a Radio Antenna
    Repairing a 400GT Window Motor
    Repairing Windscreen Glass Cracks
    History Of Koni Lifting System Problems in a Diablo
    Repairing Leaking Koni Shocks
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