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Lamborghini Murciélago Images


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The styling of the Murciélago could be seen as an evolution of the Diablo 6.0 model, but it is clearly visible that this car had a very clean design with a highly professional look.  

The design featured very angular lines, especially at the front, combined with magnificent curves with various air intakes and outlets to cool the massive brakes and a fabulous  new V12 engine. The new engine was designed with power output now up to 600 bhp. One unique feature to the car is that  when conditions require it, the rear air intakes actually open up about 20 degrees to allow more air into the engine compartment, the intake surface is increased by no less than 80 percent.  Most of the time the intakes will only be raised when the car is at rest or driving slowly because at speed the intakes are sufficient in their lowered position. The positioning is fully automatic, although a dashboard mounted button can also raise them. The intakes would automatically open when the engine temperature rose above normal operating levels or when the outside temperature was above 32C, also once the speed of the car reaches 125 mph where air intake is not a problem they close.

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