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Repair of Rear Central Brake Light

At the 2004 Annual Concorso  Italiano Car Show was held again in Monterey California, I did a quick survey of how many Diablos had a crack in one or both sides of the plastic light holder for the rear central brake light. Surprisingly many had a crack. This is due to the nut being tightened too tight to the frame of the car. It seems that the plastic material that makes up this light is very fragile at this location.  If it is not taken care of the l will shake loose an be lost.

Repair is very easy and well worth the effort.

First examine both attachments of the light frame to the car. In figure 1 the pointer shows where the crack commonly occurs. With a screwdriver remove the two screws that hold the light in place taking care not to loose ant plastic pieces. Figure 2 shows the light removed.  The only tricky part of this whole operation is the unusual electrical socket connecting the light. Figure 3 shows this connector. In order to disconnect it from the light you need to press in sideways.

Now carefully put epoxy (Fig 4 and 5) on the plastic piece(s) broken off. Be sure to remove the actual screws before doing this. In order to further strengthen the frame of the light I put a drop or two of heat treated melted glue (available at any hardware store) as shown in Figure 6 at both ends of the light frame. This insures the frame will not crack again.  Replace everything to have a like new light as shown in Figure 7.


Fig 1. Central Brake Light Fig. 2. Light Removed Fig 3. Electrical Connector
Fig 4  Broken Screw Attachment Fig 5   Repair in Progress Fig 6   Heated Glue For extra Strength


Fig 7.  Repaired Light



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