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Radar Detector Installation In A Diablo

Many suggestions have been made as to the best location for a radar detector in a Diablo.
Figure 1. Front radar detector
under passenger side sun shade
in Diablo
Clearly the simplest is to place it front and center on the windscreen using the suction cups supplied by the manufacture. While this is very simple to do, there are disadvantages. The unit is very visible, asking to get stolen. The power wire going to the cigarette lighter socket looks ugly and tends to get in the way of things.  The approach here is to place the detector between the roof and the passenger side sunshade running the power cord between the roof and roof padding. The LED display from the detector is also relocated to the roof dome light fixture. See Figure 1.

For those that want a more elaborate system, I describe below my experiences installing a second radar detection unit facing backwards through the rear engine grill of the car running a speaker wire lead and power from the front of the car.  This is to detect radar signals coming from behind the car.

Please note these units are illegal in certain states. This article is in now way meant to encourage you to disobey traffic laws. I take no responsibility for your actions.
The Detector Unit
The choice of commercial radar detector unit is very much a personal one. I have had direct experience with Passport and Bel units. In terms of sensitivity etc., I find both of these types to be about the same. However I really like the later Bel units because they have an internal speech syntheses system which announces the type of radar signal detected as well as road hazard warnings etc. This really is useful when driving at speed in that it saves the driver the distraction of looking at the units display or trying to remember what a certain "beep pattern" means at critical times. There are a number of other good radar detection manufactures. Some people swear by the "Valentine One" units. I find them too big and ugly and difficult to locate out of view in cars. Another type by Escort the remote unit seems to look interesting in that it has separate forward and rear remote detection units which are wired to a central display unit. Again no voice announcements.  Also it is expensive and is only sold by/to selected service centers which install the unit. In general I do not like people working on my car.  In this article I will describe the installation of two Bel 980 units.  Here is a description of this type of unit:-

Bel 980 Radar Detector Description.

Figure 2. Bel 980 Radar detector

The Bel 980 features an alpha-numeric text display which provides an easy-to-read description of the band detected. The 980 will provide 60 different real voice messages, this includes specific voice alerts for each type of SWS™ message. Seven features are driver selectable.

The Bel 980 responds to all types of radar currently in use by police, and provides 360 degree detection of all types of laser guns laser. The Bel 980 is immune to the VG-2 detector, and provides alerts when VG-2 is in use

Bel 980 Features

Bel 980 Driver Selectable Features
  • City X or City All
  • X/K/Ka Band - on/off
  • Safety Warning System (SWS™) - on/off
  • Safety Warning System (SWS™) - voice or tone
  • Auto Mute - on/off
  • Radar/Laser - digital voice or unique tones
  • Audio/Visual Scroll Rate - fast or slow

Front Diablo Radar Detector Installation

This article will describe how I installed a Bel 980 unit under the sunshade on the passenger side of a Diablo. In this position the unit is not easily see from outside the car. It does not obstruct the view internally. I have relocated the LED display of the radar unit to a central position in the overhead dome light of the car. Please click on Front Radar for more details.

Rear Diablo Radar Detector Installation

This article will describe how I installed a Bel 980 unit behind the radiator grill at the back of the car. I have relocated the speaker to a position behind the drivers seat, ran an electrical connection under the car and housed the radar circuit board in a sealed waterproof plastic box. Please click on Rear Radar for more details.




























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