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Replacing The Tachometer Dash Light A 1994-97 Diablo
(Submitted by Jay Britton NY)

From time to time the dash lights can burn out in Lamborghinis as in all cars. (Unfortunately LEDs are slow to be adapted by the industry).  Fortunately replacing them in Lamborghinis is often fairly easy. Here is a description of how it was done for a 94-97 Diablo.

The first thing you'll notice is that the four screws holding in the instrument panel are not your typical screws (figure 2). Instead of a Phillips or torx pattern the heads have two small holes. A pair of adjustable snap ring pliers I had in the toolbox worked perfect (figure 3). I found it worked best to set the pliers so that when they're squeezed, the tips spread apart.

Once the screws are out, the panel needs to be pulled straight out. Insert a medium sized screw driver into one of the top screw holes to act as a pull handle. Once the panel is out a couple of inches remove the screw driver and pull the panel the rest of the way by hand. Be very careful not to scratch the leather around the pod. Especially the lower corners.  Lay a soft rag across the steering column and dash and set the panel on top of  the rag. The wire harness is long enough so you do not need to disconnect anything.

The light bulb (figures 4, 5 and 6) simply twists and pulls out of the tachometer housing (figure 7).  Pull the bulb out of white socket and replace with a new bulb, and insert the  socket back into the tachometer housing. Put everything back together and your done.  The same procedure can be used for the speedometer lights. The speedometer has three lights with yellow sockets.

Thanks to Jay Britton (Upstate NY) for submitting this article on 2/11/2005.


Fig 2. Diablo dash. Note four special screws Fig 3. Remove each screw
Fig 4.  Dash removed showing light location  

Fig 5 Light Removed

Fig 6.  Light and its socket Fig 7. The light removed from tachometer housing


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