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Replacing The Footrest In A Gallardo
Lamborghini has a nice footrest in the Gallardo. Unlike the Diablo the foot-well has more space and the foot pedals are spaced sufficiently apart that there is no danger of pressing the wrong pedal.

Unfortunately for those of us with long legs the left foot rest is not adjustable. In fact after an hours driving I find my left leg getting cramped. The rest is quite large and does not allow you to straighten out your foot along the side of the car.

Fortunately this rest can be easily removed allowing you room to straighten out your left foot (I assume right in UK & Ireland) yet at the same time providing a smaller rest area on the frame of the car.

Figure 1. Foot Rest in a Gallardo
The Solution
The footrest is attached to the frame of the car with two long screws on the side facing the pedals. These can be opened using an Allen wrench as shown in figure 2. Figure 3 shows the removed footrest plate. It comes out easily once the two screws are removed.  Figure 4 shows how you can now stretch your leg all the way down to the floor well of the car. At the same time there is a small ledge (1-2 inches wide) where you can rest your left foot.  I have not done this yet but if you are worried about "ware & tare" you may wish to attach a piece of black felt to the carpet on the front of this ledge.  The whole process takes only a few minutes and is of course reversible.  It made long distance driving for me much more comfortable.
Figure 2. remove two screws   Figure 3. Footrest removed   Figure 4. Car with footrest removed

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