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Hand Brake Adjustment For A Gallardo
Submitted by Dwayne Denny

When I was recently washing my car I suddenly realize that it was slowly creeping down the driveway. Here’s how I adjusted the emergency brake:-

Prior to adjusting the emergency hand brake you should check that the pads do not warrant replacing.

Lift the vehicle from the rear, at frame center so that the rear wheels turn freely.

Open the center glove box between the seats. Using  a T-15 Torx screwdriver to remove the three glove box liner screws (Fig1).

Lift out the glove box liner. Note: The wiring for the cigarette lighter is long enough that  you should not have to disconnect it. Simply place it behind the lid.

Adjust the 11mm nut attached to the two brake cables until the emergency brake makes good contact with the disc after four to five (4-5) clicks (Fig 2). Release the brakes and the wheels should turn freely, if not back off the adjustment until they do.  Re-apply the hand brake to max clicks and make certain that the rear wheels do not turn.

Make sure to take appropriate steps to test the adjustment before trusting your work. Your are all done!

Figure 1. Remove glove box.   Figure 2. Adjust cables.

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